Three mates take a big Bight at the Bash

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Variety Bash: Hopefully, the car will withstand a variety of bashes. John Kline (from left), Alan Hall and Richard Grumont will travel across the Great Australian Bight for charity.IT’S a road trip movie come to life: a group of mates driving across the country in a car that’s seen better days.

The annual Variety Bash is a charity motoring event where vintage cars navigate off-road tracks for charity.

Representing the south-west is Kemps Creek’s Alan Hall who’s entering for the ninth time.

Joining him on the road from Bunbury to Bass Hill — 4598 kilometres away — are his friends John Kline and Richard Grumont.

“This year is quite a big one, it’ll be the longest one we’ve ever done,” Mr Hall said.

Mr Kline’s 1963 Ford Falcon Compact, which doesn’t have a name, will be entered for its 21st bash.

Though the Compact has taken a beating over two decades, Mr Hall has taken precautions to ensure it won’t break down again.

He’s made a long list of improvements, including some reinforcing, and changing the radiator.

“We’ve been doing bits and pieces on it, hoping to make it a bit more solid,” he said. “I’m fairly confident it’ll be fine.”

Their car broke down last year when the trio were travelling towards Barcaldine in Queensland — where the Australian Labor Party was formed in 1891.

“It wasn’t particularly funny when it happened,” Mr Hall said.

The three were 250 kilometres from their next stop and the front end of their car fell off.

In an act which would make MacGuyver proud, they balloon-tied the bumper with wire and tightened the screwdriver to the bar.

“It was sheer luck we were able to repair it like that!”

But breaking down is part of the experience, Mr Hall said.

And it’s certainly made easier by the fact that it’s all for a good cause. “We make a fair bit of money which goes to disadvantaged children,” he said.

Part of the bash involves stopping at different schools along the way and handing out some gifts.

Mr Hall hopes to raise at least $30,000 this year. He said his team is still open to taking more sponsorships.

More information, including donation links: variety.org419论坛/nswBASH.

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