Student leaders: St Andrews College, Marayong

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Student leaders: St Andrews College, Marayong Joshua Hostiadi, 17 and Kristen Hombre, 17, Year 12 School Captains
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Joshua Hostiadi, 17

Kristen Hombre, 17

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Joshua Hostiadi, 17 and Kristen Hombre, 17

Year 12 College Captains

School Motto: Faith in Christ

1. What’s unique about your school?

Joshua Hostiadi: Our creative arts nights is an annual event where the various talents of our school are featured and a lot of effort is put into making this night a truly unique aspect of our school.

Kristen Hombre: There is a large array of unique features about St Andrews College from the amount of talent, variety of extra “curricular, activities as well as our cultural diversity. We participate in the Blacktown Festival every year presenting numerous country flags which represent our multiculturalism. This is also shown through our ‘united day.’

2. What do you want to do when you leave school?

Joshua Hostiadi: When I leave school I want to go to university and pursue a career as a pediatrician.

Kristen Hombre: After school I plan on undertaking a university course in business management but to also travelling the world and doing as much volunteer work in developing countries whilst also strengthing and up my faith.

3. Why do you think being a school leader is important?

Joshua Hostiadi: School leaders act as a voice for the students, especiallly those whom are afraid to voice their opnions. They also act as servants of the students working for them , to improve the quality of one’s time at school.

Kristen Hombre: I believe that being a school leader provides a voice for my fellow pears and is an opportunity to set an example for current and future students to look up to. The dedication and coomitmnet of this position allow me to be a role model to ‘do more and go beyond.’

4. If you were the principal what would you introduce?

Joshua Hostiadi: I would introduce an online webpage that is designed for teachers to upload notes from each lesson, worksheets and other resources, so students who may miss out on lessons can catch up at home in an instant.

Kristen Hombre: Students are all individuals with different hobbies and common interests, thus I would give students the opportunity to create their own clubs such as lunch study groups, pop culture club[s] after school and even an environmental group which would implement more ecological sustainable practises within the school community.

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