Mum’s final act saves toddler son in fatal escalator accident

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The mother and son approaching the end of the escalator, where they are greeted by workers. Photo: SuppliedA woman saved her young son but lost her own life after the platform at the top of an escalator collapsed and she fell into the machine’s mechanism.

Horrifying surveillance footage of the incident showed the woman going up the escalator, holding the boy, at theAnliang Department Store in Jingzhou, China, on Sunday.

The woman, named as 30-year-old Xiang Liujuan, stepped off the top of the escalator onto a metal plate, which collapsed under her. Still holding her two-year-old son, she pushed him onto the solid floor ahead of her.

A worker briefly managed to grab the woman’s hand, but she is quickly dragged down out of sight as worker’s hurried her son away.

As the floor at the end of the escalator gives way, the mother pushes her son to safety. Photo: Supplied

Rescuers told local newspaperWuhan Evening Newsthat the victim was sucked into the machineryof the escalator below floor level. Firefightershad to cut up the treads to pull her body out, which took nearly four hours.

The woman’s husband was lower on the escalator, following his wife and son, as the event unfolded. He said that all had appeared normal when they first stepped on the escalator.

An uncle from the family told a local news site that the family had been warned about the malfunction while alreadyon their way up.”When they were halfway from the sixth floor to the seventh floor, two assistants at the top of the escalator started to tell them that the footplate of the escalator is broken,”the uncle said.

An unnamed source said workmen had forgotten to secure the metal panel with screws after carrying out recent maintenance work.

A worker looks at the hole moments after the mother disappeared. Photo: Supplied

It is the latest death involving escalators to have taken place in China in recent years,The Independentsaid.

In 2012, a young boy died after getting stuck in an escalator in a Beijing store.

The previous year, a boy was killed and several people injured after an escalator in an underground station in Beijing suddenly reversed direction. staff writers

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